Florida Finance Network
Florida Finance Network

The Florida Finance Network (FFN) is a group of nonprofit economic development lending organizations whose sole purpose is to ensure Florida small businesses have open access to available and affordable financing resources to help them develop and succeed in today’s challenging economic times.  

FFN serves as a conduit for Florida businesses to access state and federal small business and economic development financing programs to meet specific capital needs. Member organizations are knowledgeable and well-connected sources to help your business determine its best financing options. Members specialize in different areas, but collectively they cover the majority of business funding needs.

Since its inception, FFN members collectively have arranged over $5.3 billion in financing, supporting more than 3,850 Florida business projects and over 70,000 jobs.  

Florida Finance Network member organizations include:

Access Florida Finance Corporation (AFFC) – AFFC was founded in 1988. Its mission is to provide access to capital and technical assistance to black, rural and small businesses throughout Florida and the nation. AFFC fosters economic development and job creation by use of federal, state and private community based programs and in coordination with our strategic alliances. Competitive black and rural business enterprises have many resources available through AFFC, including direct loans, loan guarantees, joint ventures and limited partnerships.
Contact: Mark Scovera, President. Phone: (850) 765-0375.  Email: info@AccessFloridaFinance.com.  Web: www.accessfloridafinance.com.

Florida Development Finance Corporation (FDFC) – FDFC was created by special state statute as an issuer of bonds, both taxable and tax-exempt, to provide low-cost capital to Florida manufacturers. FDFC’s Board of Directors is appointed by the governor, and its day-to-day operations are administered by executives provided by Enterprise Florida Inc., which is the public-private partnership responsible for leading Florida’s statewide economic development efforts. Transactions through FDFC are exempt from Florida taxes, such as documentary stamp tax on notes evidencing a debt and intangible tax on mortgage instruments. This exemption applies whether the interest on the bonds is taxable or tax-exempt under IRS rules.
Contact: Louis Laubsher, SVP & COO, Enterprise Florida. Phone: (407) 956-5631.   Email: llaubscher@eflorida.com.   Web: http://www.enterpriseflorida.com/small-business/florida-development-finance-corporation.

Florida Export Finance Corporation (FEFC) – FEFC was created by the state of Florida in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to expand employment and income opportunities by supporting the export of goods and services from the state. FEFC offers information, technical and consulting support as well as financial assistance to small and medium sized exporters throughout Florida. FEFC can guarantee a lender’s revolving line of credit to an exporter up to a maximum of $500,000, and arranges much larger loans through federal government programs.
Contact: Stephen J. Fancher, President & CEO. Phone: (786) 845-0400.   Email: fefc@gate.net.   Web: www.fefc.biz.

Florida First Capital Finance Corporation (FFCFC) – FFCFC was founded by the state of Florida in 1983 as Florida’s statewide Certified Development Corporation. It was voluntarily privatized in 1997 and has since operated as a fully self-supporting nonprofit organization. FFCFC’s primary mission is economic development and job creation throughout Florida. FFCFC works with federal government, state of Florida and private sector lending programs to provide small businesses with affordable long-term, below-market, fixed-rate financing for the purchase of major fixed assets, such as commercial real estate and heavy duty machinery and equipment.
Contact: Deborah Petrell, Senior Vice President. Phone: (561) 756-1745.   Email: info@ffcfc.com.   Web: www.ffcfc.com.

Neighborhood Lending Partners, Inc. (NLP) – NLP was founded in 1993 as a nonprofit, multi-bank lending consortium and provides financing to developers of affordable housing and community revitalization. NLP facilitates private investment and improvement opportunities for community growth, community revitalization and the preservation of neighborhoods. NLP strives to lessen the burden of government by working with public agencies to achieve maximum leverage of public and private dollars, as well as providing technical assistance to project sponsors.
Contact: Debra Reyes, President & CEO. Phone: (813) 879-4525.   Email: info@nlp-inc.com.   Web: www.nlp-inc.com.