The Florida Finance Network Unlocks Vital Capital Resources to Help Florida Small Businesses Grow and Succeed. Connect with the Network to Meet Your Specific Small Business Financing Needs.

Small Business Financing Programs for Florida Businesses

Access to capital remains one of the most important concerns for Florida business owners who are growing and expanding their operations and creating jobs in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Finance Network is a group of nonprofit economic development lending organizations that connects Florida businesses with various federal, state and private-sector small business financing programs to meet specific capital needs.

Florida Finance Network members specialize in different areas, but collectively they cover the majority of small business financing needs. Florida Finance Network members are knowledgeable and well-connected to help your business determine its best funding options.

Florida Development Finance Corporation

Small Business Financing Available from Florida Development Finance Corporation

Florida Development Finance Corporation (FDFC) offers tax-exempt, low-interest bond financing to qualified, financially sound, small manufacturing and 501(c)(3)
non-profit organizations. If a transaction does not meet IRS qualifying rules for tax-exempt finance, it can be financed with taxable bonds through FDFC at rates that are very competitive compared to other financing instruments, such as conventional loans.

Contact: Bill Spivey, Executive Director
Phone: (407) 956-5695

Florida Export Finance Corporation

Small Business Financing Available from Florida Export Finance Corporation

Florida Export Finance Corporation (FEFC) provides Florida businesses with information, technical and consulting assistance and financing for their export transactions. FEFC can guarantee a lender’s revolving line of credit up to $500,000, and even arrange much larger short- and medium-term loans through the federal government.

Contact: J. Stephen Fancher, President & CEO
Phone: (786) 845-0400

Florida First Capital Finance Corporation

Small Business Financing Available from Florida First Capital Finance Corporation

Florida First Capital Finance Corporation (FFCFC) works with federal, state and private-sector lending programs to provide growing and expanding small businesses with low-cost, long-term, below-market fixed interest rate financing for the purchase of major fixed assets, such as owner-occupied commercial real estate and heavy duty fixed machinery and equipment.

Contact: Deborah Petrell, Senior Vice President
Phone: (561) 756-1745

Neighborhood Lending Partners, Inc.

Small Business Financing Available from Neighborhood Lending Partners Inc

Neighborhood Lending Partners, Inc. (NLP) is a multi-bank lending consortium providing small business lending programs and financing to developers of affordable housing and community revitalization. NLP also provides numerous governmental agencies with various levels of loan and/or grant administration, assisting them in providing services and subsidy funds that serve low income targeted populations.

Contact: Debra Reyes, President & CEO
Phone: (813) 879-4525